D is for Dreidel

D is for Dreidel

Penguin Young Readers | 2002 | Ages 4-8
Illustrated By: Dawn Apperley


D is for Dreidel
A Hanukkah Alphabet Book

D is for Dreidel
Just twist it and spin
If it stops on gimel
Shout "hooray," you win!

Every page contains a letter of the alphabet along with sweet, rhyming text and words that correspond with that letter. And as an added bonus, at the end of the book is the complete story of Hanukkah! This is a fantastic introduction to the holiday.


"The whole family can learn the ABCs of Hanukkah...The book explains words that might be unfamiliar such as "tzedakah" (a good deed) and "bracha" (a blessing), but it also reminds young readers of other important things, including their own cheery neighborhoods and how special it is to receive a handmade gift." -- Associated Press, Samantha Critchell

"evoking all the joys and tradition that surround this holiday...Dawn Apperley's images are colorful and the people are just cute. This is a very kid-friendly book that will likely leave readers of all ages with a warm fuzzy feeling, an appreciation for the Jewish Festival of Lights, and maybe just a little craving for latkes." --Roxyanne Young, Smartwriters.com
"Stone's bouncy rhymes are filled with Jewish culture and tradition." --Syndicated book reviewer Penny Schwartz
"Preschoolers will enjoy D is for Dreidel. Stone's alphabet begins in the afternoon (before sundown) on the first day of Hanukkah and ends with Zaydee, reading to his grandchildren. (Look closely -- he's reading D is for Dreidel, of course!) 
--Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News