Making of America

Making of America

Raintree Steck-Vaughn | 2001 | 9 and up

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Making of America

Part of a middle-grade history series. In each era, explore politics,conflicts, foreign affairs, and the economy, as well as biographies ofprincipal personalities and insights into the daily life of Americans.

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Progressive Era and World War I The Great Depression and World War II


School Library Journal: "Written in a clear and concise fashion, thesebooks provide enough details to give a taste for the era withoutoverwhelming students. Mini biographies, quotes, and short explanationsof concepts and events strategically placed throughout the texts givereaders a clearer understanding of the times. Photographs and mapsprovide further points of reference....Photos, reproductions,illustrations, boxed quotes, or maps appear on almost every page,giving the books an open, inviting format."