Wild America

Wild America

Blackbirch Press | 2002/2003 | 9 and up

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Wild America

Take a wild animal safari--right in your own backyard! So much of North America's wildlife lives within our midst--in the trees on our streets, in our gardens, under our stone walls, in our lakes and ponds, even in our houses. The 12-book Wild America series takes an up close look at the animals that are part of our daily lives. Titles include Beaver, Crow, Rabbit, Mouse, Deer, Raccoon, Earthworm, Turtle, Opossum, Skunk, Squirrel, and Toad.


Booklist: "...attractive, compact photo-essay design...packed with information in short chapters on the animals' social lives, anatomy, feeding, mating, and more." 

School Library Journal: "...sure to spark the interest of young nature enthusiasts...Readers learn about the animal's habitat, physical and behavioral traits, special features, mating and familial practices, and human/animal interactions. Each topical spread includes text and two to four full-color photos, many of which were taken at close range. Children will enjoy reading these titles for pleasure, and will use them for reports." 

Library Media Connection: "...Interesting and text-enhancing photographs abound (at least one photo on every page). If your elementary animal collection needs new titles, these choices would make solid additions to most libraries. Recommended."